Far-right British commentator Katie Hopkins made her harsh opinion of Meghan Markle known for the second time in Australian media this week.

The controversial former columnist was interviewed over the phone on Newcastle's Hit106.9 on Tuesday morning, seemingly to discuss the backlash from her 60 Minutes interview with Karl Stefanovic aired on Sunday.

Hopkins, whose racist remarks frequently make global headlines, took it as another opportunity to air her hatred for the Duchess of Sussex to an Australian audience — firing off insults about her fashion sense and work ethic and claiming "we (the British public) wanted Prince Harry to end up with a naughty blonde".

The segment, which opened with hosts Nick, Jess and Simon commenting on the abundance of negative Meghan Markle stories online, saying "people just love to attack her", featured seven minutes of Hopkins spouting similar negativity to her widely-criticised 60 Minutes appearance.


When asked again for her thoughts on Meghan — which were made abundantly clear in Sunday's interview — Hopkins said the Duchess was a "half-arsed" disappointment to the British public.

"British people are kind of protective of our royals. We want them to be brilliant, we want them to be royal and slightly aloof, we want them to be deferential to the queen, we're proud of the Union Flag and the fact that the royals are ambassadors at a global level, and I guess we're just a bit disappointed that what we've ended up with, now pretending to be a royal, is a kind of half-arsed, half-fake actress divorcee who doesn't really want to play the royal game."

She went on to say Meghan lacked worth ethic, and that "all she seems to do is spend her time wearing new frocks and generally flipping about on holiday."

Hopkins has said that Britons wanted Harry to end up with a
Hopkins has said that Britons wanted Harry to end up with a "naughty blonde".

Later in the interview, Hopkins — who assured Karl Stefanovic on 60 Minutes that her dislike of Meghan had "nothing to do with racism" — described the woman better suited to Prince Harry as "blonde and naughty".

"We love Harry because he used to be so naughty, he used to be so fun, and we didn't want him to be with the perfect princess at all. We wanted him to be with a naughty (buxom) blonde who was going to do naughty things and we could chuckle on at both of them being kind of the naughty kids in class," she said.

"We've got the opposite of that. We've lost the naughty boy of the royals and instead we've got this weird prude who seems to think that having a mushroom is the most daring thing he can do with his dinner," adding of the new father: "I liked it when he used to get his genitalia out at pool parties … that was fun."

Her comments prompted one of the hosts to say, "I do too. I do agree with that Katie I love the party Vegas boy that's what I do love."

The former The Sun columnist took aim again at Meghan's dress sense at the end of the upbeat interview, calling her a 'dreary vegan that made herself look uglier than it's even possible' while pregnant, a comment met with laughter from the hosts.


"It's as if she hand wove her dresses out of recycled tampax or something, but they look dreadful," Hopkins said, before the hosts extended an "open invite to come back on the show anytime".