Another normal day in Florida has seen a man arrested after police discovered an injured man bleeding from the groin after a home castration went horribly wrong.

The Highlands County Sheriff's Office shared the story on Facebook, reporting that police visited 74-year-old Gary Van Ryswyk's home after a 911 hangup.

Van Ryswyk told the officer he had just performed a castration on a man, and police posted that he really "dropped the ball on this one".

Police found the victim bleeding heavily, with a towel over his groin. A container nearby held his testicles.


The victim was taken to a local hospital and later flown to a regional medical centre, where he is listed in a stable condition.

Police report a camera was set up to record the operation, which took place in a room set up like a surgery, with medical equipment and painkillers.

Van Ryswyk later told police that he made contact with the victim through a website for people with a castration fetish that was hosted on the dark web.

He claimed he had the experience to perform the procedure after successfully experimenting on animals and removing one of his own testicles.

He also said he performed a similar procedure on a man in a local motel years earlier that had a grisly end, with the victim in that case also going to hospital.

Van Ryswyk was arrested and charged with practising medicine without a license resulting in bodily injury. His bond was set at US$250,000 ($389,000)