A UK mother-of-three saw the inside of police cell earlier this year after being arrested for using the wrong colour rubbish bags.

Lyndsey Webb, 34, used black bags instead of orange and was prosecuted by Ipswich Borough Council, reports the Ipswich Star.

After failing to attend court a warrant was issued for Webb's arrest.

She was eventually detained by police and locked in police cells.


Webb then appeared in court via a video link and was given a six-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £50 ($94).

Prosecutor Richard Essex told the court that recent changes, where residents were told to use new orange and clear bags, had been widely publicised.

"Residents were advised to contact the council to get stocks of orange bags, where relevant, and start using them," said Essex.

Webb's case involved about 60 large black rubbish bags being dumped on the street over a 22-day period.

A search of the rubbish found bills with Webb's name and address and a review of CCTV footage showed her dumping the bags.

Webb's lawyer Jeremy Kendall told the court that the large amount of rubbish came from her three children.

"She has three children, who generate quite a bit of waste. She made no attempt to be underhand", he told the court.

"It's pretty distressing for her to be taken into custody."