New research shows that Korean delicacy kimchi could reverse hair loss in men, adding to a list of health benefits claimed by the popular fermented dish.

Researchers at a Seoul university studied 23 men, some in the early stages of hair loss and some visibly balding, who drank kimchi broth before breakfast and at bedtime.

After one month, the average number of hairs per square cm of head had risen from 85 to 90, then to 92 after four months drinking the liquid.

Kimchi is a staple of Korean cuisine and is made from fermented cabbage, onions, garlic, fish sauce and spices.


In recent years the dish has become popular outside Korea after its probiotic properties became known.

Kimchi advocates also claim it can lower cholesterol, clear the skin and even slow down the aging process.

In the report, published in the World Journal of Men's Health, the researchers said: "Current drugs can have adverse effects so their use is usually temporary.

"We found kimchi could promote hair growth and reverse baldness. It is a safer treatment strategy for patients."

A 2015 study found that kimchi, alongside other fermented foods, could reduce anxiety in young people.

Researchers from the University of Maryland and the William and Mary College in Virginia found that students who ate more fermented food had fewer social anxiety symptoms.

"This study shows that young adults who are prone to anxiety report less social anxiety if they frequently consume fermented foods with probiotics," said co-researcher Professor Jordan DeVylder.