A young woman has been sacked after a Snapchat video she made surfaced online, where she used racial slurs and called for the return of the KKK.

Snapchat footage filmed in Springfield, Illinois, shows the young women laughing as they say in unison, "We hate n******."

One of the girls then references whipping, and says, "Bring back the KKK!" before yelling "woo!".

Her friend, laughing, then shushes her friend, saying, "Some people like black people sometimes."


A former employer of one of the women called the video "disturbing", while a high school and community college one of the women formerly attended have released statements distancing themselves from her in the wake of the video surfacing online.

One of the women shown in the video is Macy Castleman, according to a woman on Facebook who shared the video, who called the girls' comments "racism".

"I love how people sit around & act like racism isn't still a thing," Gabbi Goldsmith wrote in a Facebook post with the video.

According to Yahoo, Ms Castleman claimed the video was "like three years old" and she doesn't remember it being filmed.

"I have black people in my family. Clearly don't feel that way … so you can chill," Ms Castleman said in screenshots posted online.

"It was an inside joke with my best friend," the young woman said.

But Ms Goldsmith disputed the claims the video was three years old, saying it was posted to Snapchat sometime on August 9.

"The video was posted 11 hours ago so 3 years ago my a**," she wrote on Facebook.

One of the girls yelled
One of the girls yelled "bring back the KKK". Photo / Facebook

Ms Castleman, was a former student of Auburn Community District High School, a detail reported by local news outlets. While she is no longer a student of the school, the high school took the time to investigate the incident despite being on their summer break, and said they'd determined the video was filmed in October of 2017.

"The individual making the racially charged comments is no longer a student in our district," the school's statement concluded.

She is also a former student of a community college, who shared a statement on their Facebook page about their commitment to maintaining an environment "free from all forms of harassment and discrimination".

In light of a situation brought to the attention of the college administration, I would like to assure our community...

Posted by Lincoln Land Community College on Sunday, 11 August 2019

One of the women who appeared in the video, who worked at a retirement village in Springfield, also reportedly lost her job.

In a Facebook post, the retirement village announced they'd sacked the woman over what they called a "disturbing video".

"We are disappointed by the personal views expressed by this former employee and regret the adverse attention it has brought upon our community," the Concordia Village said in a Facebook post on Monday.

"We have addressed the situation with the employee according to our personnel policies and that individual is no longer employed by Concordia Village or Lutheran Senior Services."