A man has made a weird demand of his date right after their first meeting, texting them instructions on how to change their settings so he can see when they've read his texts.

"Goes on first date, scared he'll ghost but instead gets this text," Twitter user EricD14 wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of a text exchange he had with a man he'd been on one date with.

In the texts, the man casually sent him instructions on how to turn on "read receipts" on his iPhone. The setting, when activated, sends a small on-screen notification to the sender of a text, allowing them to see whether or not someone had read your text.

"What!?!" Eric, from Manhattan in New York replied.


The tweet has gone viral since he posted it on Wednesday, attracting over 20 thousand likes and 1600 retweets.

Many people replying to the tweet called it a "red flag" and told him to be wary.

"This is horror film dating," one person commented.

"The call is coming from inside the house," another joked.

"Yeah that's a blazing red flag," another warned.

"Run as far and fast as possible," another advised. "I have read receipts off even for my spouse's messages. No one has need to see a read receipt."

"If someone I'd been on one date with did that, I would turn on read receipts, tell them so, read their acknowledgment, and then ghost them forever," a brutal commenter said.

Eric didn't offer detail on how he followed up but said, "'It's no love story. Or rom-com.