A woman has turned to social media to ask for advice after receiving a bizarre request from her pregnant friend.

Jennay posted on Facebook that a pregnant woman asked her to change the name of her dog so she could use it for her baby.

The woman says she is not a close friend of the pregnant woman, which made the request even worse, in her opinion.

"She says, 'We want to name her Tillie but it's come to my attention you have a dog named Tilly. I'd really appreciate you changing your dog's name. Obviously you understand my daughter can't have the same name as a dog'," Jennay posted on Facebook.


"I'm like WTF," she added. She proceeded to tell the woman she thought the request was unnecessary as Tilly the dog and Tillie the baby were unlikely to ever bump into each other.

The reply only made the pregnant woman angrier.

"[She] says because I don't have kids I don't understand and I'm putting her in a terrible position and potentially ruining her unborn daughter's life."

"Am I being unreasonable?" she asked Facebook users.

Photo / Facebook
Photo / Facebook

Most of her friends on the social network agreed she's entitled to keep her dog's name.

"I'd literally name every dog I ever have for the rest of my life Tilly. And I'd go a step further and tell her of my plan just to be petty," one person said.

"What the actual hell?! You are NOT in the wrong! My neighbour named their dog 'Emma' well after my Emma was born. I'd never dreamed of asking them to change their name. This is just insane," someone else said.

The exchange between the two women went viral on Twitter as well, where people agreed the pregnant woman's request went too far.