Neutrogena's Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask has been pulled from shelves, after expert claims they can cause damage to the eyes.

Popular among celebrities such as Lena Dunham and Kourtney Kardashian, a spokesperson for Neutrogena told the Herald: "For a small subset of the population with certain underlying eye conditions, as well as for users taking medications which could enhance the eye's sensitivity to light, there is a theoretical risk of eye injury."

They said the decision to recall the masks was made "following consultation with the New Zealand regulator, MedSafe".

While Neutrogena has said the risk of injury is relatively low and the decision to recall the product was being made "out of an abundance" of caution, consumers are urged to cease use of the product immediately.


Meanwhile, a statement from The Australian Department of Health reads: "It has been identified that, for a small subset of potentially susceptible people (including people with certain eye-related disorders e.g. retinitis pigmentosa, ocular albinism, other congenital retinal disorders), repeated exposure may cause varying degrees of retinal damage that could be irreversible and could accelerate peripheral vision impairment or loss."

According to the statement, other dangerous reactions could include eye pain, "irritation, tearing, blinding, blurring of vision, seeing spots/flashes and other changes in vision (for example vision colour)."

The Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask uses a combination of red and blue light to treat mild to moderate acne on the face.

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Celebrity fans of light masks include Khloe Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, and Emma Stone.

If consumers have questions or concerns about the mask, or if they would like to return the product, Neutrogena encourages calling the Johnson & Johnson Pacific Consumer Care Centre: 0800 442 582.