A Kiwi woman who married her Bumble match on the first date has split from the man two months later so she could return to a polyamorous lifestyle.

Sarah Elliott, 34, a nanny in the UK, matched with lighting technician Paul Edwards, 37, on the dating app on December 15 last year.

They spoke for the first time on December 22 and decided to get married the next day, meeting for the first time at Gatwick Airport before jetting off to Sin City to tie the knot on Christmas Day.

After the wedding, Elliott, of East Sussex, revealed her love of BDSM and fetish parties, the Daily Mail reports.


But after just two months the pair split, and the 34-year-old vowed never to be in a monogamous relationship again.

Elliott says she is "living the polyamorous lifestyle and loving it" and currently has two "toy boys".

She told The Sun: "My marriage may be over but it has opened me up to a whole new world.

"After feeling trapped in a jealous marriage it has really put me off being with one man again."

The dominatrix told the newspaper how she moved her then-husband Paul Edwards into her flat after they got married - which she shared with two ex-boyfriends also called Paul.

As the weeks went by she tried to introduce Edwards to the fetish community but claims he found it too difficult and was often jealous.

The father-of-two had moved from his flat in Chichester, West Sussex, to be with her, but things didn't work out.

At first the three Pauls got along, she claims, but rows quickly started and the situation got out of hand.


In an effort to work on their strained relationship the couple went to a sex party at the Torture Garden Club.

Sarah Elliott was pictured on the London fetish club Torture Garden's Facebook page. Photo / Facebook
Sarah Elliott was pictured on the London fetish club Torture Garden's Facebook page. Photo / Facebook

But she says, Edwards was unable to contain his jealousy and things deteriorated further.

Despite another reconciliation bid at a sex party at Le Boudoir in central London, Edwards eventually moved out.

Another of the Pauls also moved out, leaving Elliott struggling financially.

Elliott revealed her raunchy lifestyle late last year after MailOnline obtained photos of her topless at a fetish night organised by the Torture Garden club.

One of the photos of her was featured on the Facebook page of Torture Garden, a fetish club that arranges events around the UK.

Elliott set up a dating profile with OkCupid in May and is already seeing a 29-year-old and a 27-year-old at the same time, she told The Sun.

She says she doesn't regret her relationship with her ex-husband but won't be returning to conventional dating any time soon, adding: "I am never dating another Paul again . . . it's a rubbish name anyway."

Edwards has not commented on the divorce.