While many people have success with Tinder, there's plenty who have some interesting and pretty harsh stories to tell.

Just ask Emily Langsdon who was recently was fat-shamed on the dating platform after declining a Tinder match.

The dance teacher from Essex went viral last week after she shared the brutal exchange of messages between her and a Tinder match on her Twitter last week.

After being fat-shamed and called cruel names, the unlucky in love Brit has experienced an unlikely turn of events, news.com.au reports.


But Emily's ordeal started off savagely, when a man called Matt turned on her when she failed to return his interest.

It began with Matt sending her an awkward message, saying: "I'm jealous of your heart. It's pumping inside you and I'm not," to which Emily simply responded, "Well, that was different."

He then turned on her suddenly, calling her a "slag" before taking yet another U-turn, apologising and blaming his rude behaviour on his teddy, Olaf.

He then asked Emily which of the two girls she was in one of her profile images.

Matt's apology was short-lived, as he made a vile, fatphobic comment when Emily explained she was the one with blue hair.

"What the fat one?" he asked.

Responding to his rude comment, Emily said: "Wow, you're a delight ain't ya."

The user then took his horrendous behaviour to another level by replying: "Bet you like Angel Delight you fat c**t."



Emily shared a screengrab of the comments on Twitter with the caption: "Get yourself a boy off Tinder who talks to you like this … you're cancelled."

The post has been liked more than 40,000 times and retweeted 5700 times since she posted it last Monday, with people branding it "cruel" and "vile".

The tweet quickly went viral, with Emily calling it "absolute madness".

But in a surprise twist, she's revealed the attention has led to her being inundated with requests for dates.

In fact, sold Yahoo Lifestyle she had also got a few dates out of the endless support, with one man, in particular, asking her out on the viral thread, which led to them exchanging details.

"I've had so many boys add me, it's a joke," Emily told the publication.

"People were really supportive, and it's great because I've had a lot of love and support from loads of people."

More than 760 people have commented on the post, predominantly slamming "Matt".

"I apologise on behalf of all Matt's," Matt Hawes commented, to which Emily responded, "Thank you thank you."

Two more guys by the name of Matt also echoed the apology.

"Opening line is funny fair play, the rest is a shambles," another guy said.