He's told the world he's a writer. Correction: a best-selling writer. But despite the efforts of one notoriously hyperbolic Trump, the US president has made it clear on multiple occasions that he's no Shakespeare.

In light of his latest online gaffe, where he referred to Prince Charles as the Prince of Whales, we've rounded up five of Trump's finest Twitter fails.

1. An ability to write?

An ability to elicit a cackle from J.K Rowling, at least, Trump recently tweeted about his "best-selling" books.

Before the tweet was corrected, the Harry Potter author responded with a string of "ha ha ha's". Meanwhile, someone else took a red pen to the president's work.


2. Loose yourself

While most of us figure this one out in school, during his presidential campaign, Trump revealed he'd missed the lesson on "lose" versus "loose".

Deciding to take a school bully-style dig at Ted Cruz, he tweeted that the candidate would "loose big to Hillary."

3. Have you had a covfefe today?

It was six minutes past midnight when Trump shared a new word with the world. Tweeting "Despite the negative press" he inexplicably signed off with "covfefe".

Six hours later, the tweet was deleted. That's eons in internet time. T'shirts were printed, coffee mugs were stamped. Memes were shared.

It was eventually widely deduced the word Trump was searching for was "coverage".

4. When one "p" is not enough

Calling out Obama for phone tapping was overshadowed by Trump's decision to spell tap with a double P.

5. An 'unpresidented' error

"China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters – rips it out of water and takes it to China in unpresidented act."

Trump's misspelling of "unprecedented" caught the attention of two literary leaders in particular.


While Merriam-Webster dictionary was quick to respond with the definition of "huh", The Guardian dubbed "unpresidented" the word of the year.