COMMENT: Interesting findings out of a new survey asking who we'd most like to work for.

Air NZ came up trumps - for the third year in a row. So even when you couldn't display your tattoo, people still wanted to work there.

What makes us think we'd like to work for a particular brand?

Does a nice flight make you want to be a flight attendant? Do you look around and think, hmm, they look happy, I should do that? Well apparently yes, we equate a good customer experience, with a good working relationship.

So Air NZ's number one, followed by the Department of Conservation and Customs.


I can't think of two more random places to be at the top of a list of most desirable places to work.

If you love birds, wearing boots, and being in the bush, I suppose yes, dream come true. Likewise, if you've fallen for the drama that is TV's Border Patrol, then Customs may look like an exciting rollercoaster of drug busts.

Even weirder, given all the news around the woefully under-funded early childhood education sector, was that this was the most attractive industry sector.

My only reckoning from this survey is that the participants all want to work with animals and children.

And what's the golden rule? Never work with animals or children. Or maybe that's just TV.

Speaking of which, TVNZ came in at number four on the list of most desirable place to work. Having worked there for 12 years myself I can tell you from experience, telly is overrated.

Usually the jobs that look the most glamorous, aren't. TV is too many hours of downtime, and over-thinking everything. If you don't want to be stressed, don't go for a job in TV.

So apart from obviously working with birds and sniffer dogs and small children, what did people consider the most important factor in a job? Salary and benefits. But they also wanted "a pleasant work atmosphere" and work-life balance.


Work-life balance is the catchcry of the 21st century - but in my experience it's less of an industry thing and more of a day to day thing. Most of us are juggling, some days we get the balance right, some days we don't. It's not really cut and dry that work-life balance will be delivered every day.

Likewise a positive workplace culture that can be tipped at any time depending on who you're working with. One 'negative Nancy' can bring down the most upbeat workplace, likewise an over zealous happy freak like my husband can be equally annoying at work. Again, it's a crap shoot.

Employees also want flexi-time, millennials want career opportunities, Gen Zeders want good training.

Well that's all well and good, but let's tip it the other way for a minute. Here's something employees can think about doing for employers – actually be interested in working, turning up on time, and contributing to the best of their ability. Just a thought.