It's the X-rated holiday that promises guests three nights experiencing "heaven on earth".

But the controversial itinerary of "Sex Island" — which allows men "unlimited sex with up to 100 women" in an 'alcohol and drugs-friendly' environment — has been labelled as "disgusting" and "sick".

For close to NZ$9000, guests will be taken from Las Vegas International Airport by private Helicopter to a discreet location in the midst of Nevada's desert, reports.

While at the "island", guests will be surrounded by 100 women at a property that is "alcohol and marijuana friendly".


"The girls' mission is to please you and make you feel like a king," a statement on the website read.

"If you have any specific fantasies, let us or the girls know, and we'll turn your fantasies into reality."

The founders of Sex Island have previously held events in the Caribbean and Venezuela, however this event will take place far away from any beaches.

Taking place from July 4-7, the location of the holiday is based in the only state in the US where prostitution is legally permitted in some form.

The original location for the 2019 Sex Island was supposed to be off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia, however local authorities successfully moved to ban it.

According to their website, there will be 50 tickets on sale for 50 guests, and "each ticket includes the company of 2 beautiful girls each day for an unlimited amount of sex during the 4-day trip".

"We have a strict condom policy," it read. "At any moment you can switch girls with the other 50 guests."

But if you're hoping to take a break, founders say there's plenty more to Sex Island than, well, sex.


Horseback riding, casino tours and even a poker tournament are all part of the inclusions.