Snapchat's new filters have been all the rage with many people sharing what they look like as someone of the opposite sex.

One British man decided to take it one step further and set up a Tinder account with a photo of what Snapchat says he would look like as a female.

Fancying himself as quite the nice looking lady, Jake Askew from Norwich, UK, said he set up the Tinder profile because he looked good as a woman. Turns out, more than 1500 other men agreed.

Askew had more than 1600 likes on his Tinder profile and matched between 200-400 people.


"Jess" also received a fair share of indecent proposals on the dating app.

"Are you a piece of art because I want to nail you up against the wall," someone wrote to him.

He told LADbible he never expected to get so much attention.

"To be fair I looked at myself with the Snapchat filter on and thought I looked unreal, showed my mate and we thought we'd make a Tinder just to see if I'd get any matches from it ... Obviously didn't expect to be liked by over 1600 thirsty lads," he said.

Askew shared the results on Twitter and his tweet quickly went viral.

"So rather than going out, me & SJ decided to see how far Jess could go on tinder ... within an hour I was the most popular girl in Derby," he said.