With plenty of other contenders on the rise, does F45 have what it takes to retain its position as Australia's leading fitness franchise?

The Australian fitness industry is now worth $3.6 billion - and a big chunk of that is because of our fastest growing fitness chain, F45.

The cult-like franchise revealed to news.com.au that, as of last year, it had made a whopping $620 million in revenue based on a formula that has even attracted US actor Mark Wahlberg.

The self-described "fitness enthusiast" took a minority stake in the franchise, which naturally helped boost the brands profile.


He had reached out to Aussie F45 CEO Rob Deutsch after "falling in love with the concept" in November last year when he took his first class.

And now F45's sights are set on further global domination.

"Our core focus is to continue global expansion and break into new markets, particularly in the US where he hopes to hit 10,000 studios," Deutsch told news.com.au.

April saw F45 launch its newest model, Prodigy — a specially designed high interval training (HIT) program for kids between 11-17 years of age.

Deutsch confirmed that they're currently selling around fifty F45 franchises a month globally.

He said this is expected to grow to 70 to 80 a month by end of this year, taking it to more than 2,000 franchises globally.

It's safe to say F45's reign isn't over just yet, but with plenty of fierce contenders disrupting the industry — anything is possible.