Former Black Stick Gemma McCaw has opened up about motherhood, married life and the possibility of more babies in a candid Instagram Q&A with fans.

Finding herself with a quiet moment, the former Olympian and wife to rugby great Richie McCaw posted to her Instagram followers to "ask me a question", sharing that Richie was out of the house and baby Charlotte was fast asleep.

The first fan asked McCaw whether or not she would like more children, to which she replied: "Yes we both would love more, but right now we are just grateful to have Lottie".

When another fan asked McCaw how motherhood was treating her, the new mum was quick to confess that it comes with its challenges:


"Loving it. It definitely has its challenges and some days are harder than others but it is so rewarding and nothing prepares you for the love you feel for them."

McCaw also noted that parenting doesn't come without
McCaw also noted that parenting doesn't come without "shituations". Photo / Instagram

As for Richie's role as a parent, Gemma says he is doing well: "He's good. Loving being a Dad."

McCaw also noted that when it comes to juggling being a mother, a wife and working, it's all about focusing on the positives.

"It's a constant juggle, but you do what works for you and focus on the positives. I also use the phrase 'I get to' vs 'I have to' which changes my perspective and to [sic] one of being grateful.. that I get to work, be a Mum etc."

McCaw was also asked if she missed being a Black Stick, to which she posted a special photo with teammates embracing during a game. She wrote: "I miss these moments. I miss being part of the team and the challenge of each game/training. I do feel grateful that I got to play for so long."

McCaw posted this sweet photo to her Instagram story. Photo / Instagram
McCaw posted this sweet photo to her Instagram story. Photo / Instagram

As for her favourite thing about being a mum, it all comes down to the little things, says McCaw: "The little moments. The smiles. The laughs. The love in her eyes. The little hands while you feed. And the funny ones too... like these s(h)ituations [sic]."

Sharing tips for soon to be mums, McCaw says it all comes back to self-care: "In the early days sleep when the baby sleeps, drink lots of water, accept all the help from family and friends, and know you are doing a great job, even on the hard days, trust your instinct. You'll be amazing!"