A video of an ape browsing Instagram has gone viral on social media because of the animal's incredible smartphone skills.

The video was posted to Twitter earlier today and has already had nearly half a million views and nearly 40,000 likes.

Twitter users are amazed by the ape's dexterity, with many admitting the animal seems to be browsing Instagram better than they do.

However, others are pointing out a darker side to the viral video, saying this kind of "animal abuse" has been going on for a long time, as companies use animals to determine patterns of behaviours in humans.


"Literally that kind of animal research is HUGE for companies like insta, twitter, Facebook, etc, that want to get you stuck scrolling forever. They abuse the brain's reward system, same with apps like candy crush. When I took Learning Psychology, this was basically all we talked about," a Twitter user wrote.

"Did y'all go into second-order brain-reward-system abuse though? Because now I'm really into watching videos of apes having their brain reward systems abused and I am also an ape having my brain abused by this," another user wrote.