A mother and daughter "addicted" to cosmetic surgery have appeared on the infamous Jeremy Kyle show, confessing to a sordid method for funding their shared obsession with their looks.

Georgina Clarke, 41, told the host she had encouraged her daughter, 18 at the time, to sleep with sugar daddies to pay for their cosmetic surgery.

Kyle responded telling Clarke it was "disgusting" that she gave her daughter, Kayla Morris, now 23, the go-ahead to dance for men and have sex with them.

Meanwhile Morris said she blamed social media for her desire to achieve a certain look.


She said the allure of celebrities such as the Kardashians made her want big lips and big boobs; after a few surgeries she became addicted and struggled to feel satisfied with the work she'd had done.

Georgina Clarke (left) and her daughter Kayla Morris (right) who she encouraged to be a sugar baby to fund their cosmetic surgeries. Photo / ITV
Georgina Clarke (left) and her daughter Kayla Morris (right) who she encouraged to be a sugar baby to fund their cosmetic surgeries. Photo / ITV
Jeremy Kyle called Kayla's mother
Jeremy Kyle called Kayla's mother "disgusting" for encouraging her daughter to sleep with sugar daddies. Photo / ITV

The TV show host confronted Clarke, asking: "What sort of mother allows her 18-year-old daughter to actually dance and sleep with older men in return for cosmetic procedures?"

At first, the mother-of-four claimed she knew nothing about it, then changed her story and said she felt "rubbish", as outraged Twitter users weighed in.

Broadcast on UK TV channel, ITV, the episode was intended to raise awareness of the perils of cosmetic surgery.

Morris revealed she'd dreamt of having surgeries to make her look like reality star Katie Price since the age of 11.

According to the Daily Mail, Clarke has previously shared that she supports her daughter doing the work to assist financially with surgeries. She said she had no problem with her involvement with a sugar daddy in his 50s, despite her daughter being just 18.

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On the show, Clarke said her outlook on surgery had changed. She now aspires to a more natural appearance.


She explained: "[my first cosmetic procedure] was about six years ago now.

"I just remember really wanting it done. It's a lot of pressure on being a young girl nowadays, the whole Kim Kardashian thing, Instagram thing, selfie thing.

"And if you aren't secure and happy in yourself, and you have the money then you will go and do them."

When reflecting on the way she used to look, she described her appearance as "ridiculous".

The mother explained she was
The mother explained she was "addicted" to surgeries, and still isn't satisfied with how she looks. Photo / ITV

Yet her mother felt her super sized lips were "quite nice."

Kyle interjected with his thoughts: "If my 18-year-old daughter was sleeping with a 50-year-old man in return for money to have her boobs done or her lips, I wouldn't think of myself as a very good parent, Georgina.

"You've got to answer that."

She responded by admitting it made her feel "rubbish" and acknowledged the situation "was not right".

Morris has dyed her hair brown in an attempt to achieve a more
Morris has dyed her hair brown in an attempt to achieve a more "natural" look. Photo / ITV

Before appearing on the show, Clarke had previously told the Daily Mail, "When Kayla told me that she wanted a boob job and plastic surgery, I was glad because I wanted her to be that kind of person.

"I'm so lucky to have a daughter like Kayla who pays for my treatments. I don't mind her having a sugar daddy or stripping to pay for our cosmetic work because we're living the dream.

"I'm really proud of her."

Morris has since taken to Facebook to defend her mum.

Also when Jeremy asked my mum about how she felt about me with the sugar daddy etc, talking about β€œbad parenting” I...

Posted by Kayla Morris on Tuesday, 9 April 2019