People have been left shocked by a harsh list of rules a hospital made women follow after having a baby in 1968.

The instructions were shared to Facebook by Micala Henson and have since gone viral over how ridiculous they are.

"My mum was going through her things and we saw this, it's rules in regards to just having a baby. It gave me a chuckle," she wrote.

"How things have changed! This is from 1968! How cool! Thank goodness things have changed, I can't imagine!"


Most of the rules are pretty bizarre and a far cry away from what you would expect to see today but there was one rule in particular that had people furious.

The instructions listed a set of times where the baby would be "on display" and told women not to "ask to see the baby at any other time".

There were a set of strict times that women were allowed to breastfeed the child and no one, not even the father, was allowed to be in the room when she did.


Mums were also only allowed to feed the baby for 5 minute intervals the first two days, 7 minutes the next two days and then 10-15 minutes the following days.

Women were also banned from eating chocolate, raw apple, cabbage, nuts, strawberries, cherries, onions and green coconut cake (whatever that is).

Social media users were quick to call out the outdated rules.

"Wow poor babies. Glad things have moved on," one wrote.

"I remember this. Tore it up. Thank you. What idiots," another said.


"They lost me at 'please do not ask to see baby at any other time' like wtf you talking to? That's mine," one added.