A British TV presenter and fed-up dad of six Colin Brazier, 50, has been praised by parents online after chucking his daughter's phone off a balcony.

The Sky News presenter Colin Brazier tweeted that he'd hurled his daughter's phone into a field as a form of punishment.

Mr Brazier captioned the photo: "Somewhere in the field, off this balcony, is my teenage daughter's recently-hurled smartphone.

"I'm sure a more constructive dialogue was possible, but sometimes following up on a parental threat simply has its own immutable logic."


Mr Brazier did not acknowledge what his daughter had done to merit punishment.

But the additional #getstuffedinstagram hashtag might have said it all.

The presenter has five daughters — Edith, 19, Agnes, 15, Constance, 14, Gwendolyn, 12, and Katharine, 10 — but hasn't confirmed which girl's phone he chucked.

The Twitter post was admired by many, with the photo racking up 644 likes and 87 replies.

One said: "I hear you Colin … I've smashed 2 with the pestle & mortar after throwing on tiled kitchen floor wasn't effective enough."

Another added: "My son was messing about with his breakfast. Told him to eat it (or) I'll put it over his head … he didn't eat it … he wore it. If ur going to make threats, u have to follow them through."

With a third posting: "Colin — I once threw freshly baked muffins (for No 2 child's birthday) off a balcony after some bad behaviour. Hysterics followed, but the lesson was learnt!"

However, not everyone agreed ...


One Twitter user wrote: "Hmm very grown up thing to do. Bully behaviour. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

"If this was two adults I actually don't think this would be viewed in the same way. Personally can't imagine she has more respect for you after doing this either."

What would you have done?