From the 4am tweets about being up all night with a newborn to his reviews of a range of onesies, Clarke Gayford has documented the sleepless, spew-coated joys of parenting since the arrival of Neve, his daughter with Jacinda Ardern.

But overnight he's shared a particularly special milestone in their little one's life, tweeting that on her 9 month "birthday", Neve has given her parents the "gift of crawling". And that her mother has given Neve the "gift of having a safer country to grow up in", referring to Ardern banning military-style semiautomatic weapons and assault rifles following the Christchurch mosque shootings that took place a week ago today.

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Gayford shared the tweet alongside a close-up of Neve holding her father's hand:


In just 12 hours the tweet has received over 5800 likes and 840 retweets, with people praising the stay at home dad for his support.

One Twitter user wrote: "I can't imagine how hard it's been in your household this week, but you must be incredibly proud."

And another tweeted: "Her mum is just amazing. Showing the world how to lead a country and earning so much respect in the process."

And it looks like when Neve's ready to take her first steps, she'll have a delightful little red trolley to steady her, sent from "Murray" at a retirement village in Orewa.

Earlier this month, Gayford shared another of his adventures with Baby Neve: A particularly messy moment in which a Kereru had pooed on her.

He later tweeted that Neve had the last laugh when she vomited down her father's front, on his All Birds and over a rug in Premier House.