A Wellington cafe's comical sign backing "Egg Boy" has been prasied by Kiwis.

William Connolly, 17, rose to fame when he cracked an egg over the head of disgraced Australian senator Fraser Anning.

The egging came after the senator made victim-blaming comments in the wake of Christchurch mosque shootings.

Seventeen-year-old Will Connolly, who refers to himself as the
Seventeen-year-old Will Connolly, who refers to himself as the "Egg Boy", cracked a raw egg over disgraced Australian politician Fraser Anning's head.

A Wellington cafe, Trax Bar & Cafe, decided to creatively make a sign to reflect Egg Boy's heroic moment.


The sign, which has been posted both on Vic Deals and Reddit, suggests people try the cafe's "$10 Eggs on toast".

It then says customers can have eggs any way the like including:

"Poached, scrambled, fried or cracked over Australian Senators."

Would you like cracked eggs with your Aussie Senator? Photo / Dylan Bentley‎
Would you like cracked eggs with your Aussie Senator? Photo / Dylan Bentley‎

A Trax Bar & Cafe's manager, Emma Tiller, who came up with the idea, revealed to the Herald why she put up the hilarious sign.

"I just thought it was quite funny, seeing reports and what's happening in Australia, and seeing all thing bad things that happened, we thought it would be nice for people who walked by to see something nice and light-hearted.

"We thought it was a light-hearted moment in terms of all the tragedy going around.

When asked if the cafe backed the actions of Egg Boy, Tiller said: "What the senator said was disgusting. We thought egg boy was brave and that the senator deserved to be egged."

Another Trax Bar & Cafe manager, Briar Lee, said a general manager would usually write a funny message on the sign every day.


"We put things up all the time, but not usually about things that have been reported on," she said.

Tiller and Lee both said the sign has had a lot of praise from customers and social media.

"We have had heartwarming moments where immigrants have come in and said that it's so nice to see support from all over New Zealand," Tiller said.

Lee revealed that students from Victoria University posted a photo of the sign on Facebook.

"We have had lots of praise, we have had a lot of people sharing it on Facebook," Lee said.

The post on Vic Deals has more than 3000 reactions and 145 shares.

Tiller revealed that this is not the first time the cafe has put a sign up about the Christchurch terror attack.

We stand with you Christchurch ❤️

Posted by Trax Bar & Cafe on Sunday, 17 March 2019

"I put a first sign up outside Trax that shows all our condolences and to reflect the horrible tragedy," she said

"But then putting the second sign out, we thought it was just a moment where it was a bit light-hearted.

"We don't condone racism at Trax and thought [the signs] reflected our feelings about it."

Tiller also shared a message to the victims of the mosques shooting.

"The whole of New Zealand is thinking of you," she said.

"I think the whole situation has opened up the eyes of a lot of New Zealanders about racism here and we just want to change that.

"Everyone is in support of Muslims and Muslim communities and we just need to show that we are strong."