There's nothing more frustrating than having an iron riddled with black scorch marks.

But as one woman discovered, there's a genius way to get the underside looking crisp and clean again — and all you need is a paracetamol/panadol tablet.

People swear by the unusual hack that removes stains within minutes.

"This iron, I'm embarrassed to say, was in need of a decent clean and this result was from a paracetamol tablet would you believe," a woman posted to her Twitter account Just Wool Textiles.


"The iron needs to be hot and switched on while you rub the tablet over it, just use tongs to hold the tablet as you do it so's not to burn yourself!"

Mum Dominica King also swears by the paracetamol trick, saying once you rub it on the hot iron it disappears like "magic".

As the woman explained, the iron needs to be on the maximum heat setting. It is then advised to hold the tablet between a pair of tweezers and carefully rub it on the hot iron plate, and the stains should begin to slide off, according to the woman.

Continue until all the marks are removed from the plate, and your iron should look new again.

"Thanks for the tip. Will try it out on my embarrassingly dirty iron before attempting to reduce large pile of washing to be done," one woman responded to the hack.

"Really! Wow! Who knew!" another excited Twitter user said.

Another handy tip is to use baking soda — make a paste from two tablespoons of baking powder and one tablespoon of water and spread over the iron's plate while cool. Rub with a non-scratch cloth, and wipe off with a damp cloth.