The Duchess of Sussex created pure pandemonium in February after throwing a "private" baby shower in New York with 15 of her closest friends.

The Daily Mail reports the elaborate affair cost $NZ680,000 and featured a line-up of international celebrities, Michelin-starred food and a thorough sprinkling of showbiz stardust.

But it seems the Duchess is planning a second baby shower, one which will be a much quieter affair.

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Close UK friends such as Victoria Beckham are said to be on the guest list, and her mother Doria, will fly in to attend from LA.

A source told the Daily Mail: "Doria is coming to a baby shower here. It will be a small gathering of five or six people."

The Duchess reportedly had hoped the event would be held at Frogmore Cottage at Windsor which will soon be her and Prince Harry's home, however, renovations have been delayed so it might have to happen at Buckingham Palace.

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Last month the five-day mother of all baby showers provoked speculation on the lavish lifestyle Markle is leading.

The pregnancy celebration lasted five days at some of New York's most exclusive venues. Photo / Getty Images
The pregnancy celebration lasted five days at some of New York's most exclusive venues. Photo / Getty Images

Occupying the most expensive and largest hotel suite in America on New York's swanky Upper East Side, the celebrations included a performance by Kanye West's favourite harpist, a candyfloss machine and $290 steaks.

She flew the 5,567 kilometres to New York on a private jet on Friday, paid for privately rather than by taxpayers – meaning that it was most likely to have been funded by Prince Charles's Duchy money.

The cost of flying transatlantic privately is around $194,000 return. Markle is said to have flown with close friend and actress Priyanka Chopra who lives in New York, recently marrying pop star Nick Jonas.


Also on the guest list was the duchess's Suits co-star Abigail Spencer, who arrived carrying a present in a blue bag from an independent New York bookstore. Then there was tennis player Serena Williams, who helped organise the do, and flew in from her home in Florida. Another close pal on the guest list was Canadian stylist Jessica Mulroney.

She also welcomed new friends to her party at The Mark hotel in Manhattan, in one of the world's most expensive suites, such as human rights lawyer Amal Clooney.

Markle was seen leaving The Mark hotel after the baby shower. Photo / Getty Images
Markle was seen leaving The Mark hotel after the baby shower. Photo / Getty Images

Despite being surrounded by exquisite company, the absence of her mother meant Markle had no family present, not even new sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

Princess Beatrice was also not in attendance, despite living in New York.

"It was a small, private affair, and a special time for her," revealed CBS presenter, Gayle King.

"Having a baby is a great thing."


Amongst the decorations for the party was plenty of pink - from blush-coloured roses to a cotton candy machine.

While the colour of the party decor suggests Meghan could be having a girl, it's likely that she and Prince Harry are waiting for the gender to be revealed at birth.

At the Endeavour Awards earlier this month, the Duchess of Sussex was filmed speaking with a guest about her bump.

"We don't know," it appears she says in the video shared on the royal fan Instagram account @harry_meghan_updates. "Yes, we decided to keep it a secret, and then that way... it's one of those things, like, no matter what it is, it's still going to be a surprise."

Royal expert Victoria Arbiter shared it's "royal philosophy" to wait to find out the gender.

"There's a belief that there are so few surprises left in life why not save the biggest one for the moment a child is born," she explained to "This is not just a royal philosophy, many parents across the UK choose not to find out."


The 37-year-old will not be involved in more official engagements until after the baby is born.