A father-of-one has taken to Twitter to share his "regret" over having his young son, and he's not alone: Apparently, his wife also regrets their only child.

Sam McRoberts, took to Twitter to share his sentiments on fatherhood - and his regrets.

"Though I love my son, I now: A. know myself well enough, and B. know the challenges of parenting well enough, to say that having a kid is probably my biggest life regret," the UK-based dad wrote in one of his since-deleted Tweets.

It was here he also added that he isn't the only one who feels this way: "Wife concurs."


Things escalated when McRoberts stated that his son is "fully aware" of his parents' regret over bringing him into the world.

"I know you love me, but having a kid is a lot of work," he apparently told his father.

One of the now deleted tweets. Photo / Twitter
One of the now deleted tweets. Photo / Twitter

Not surprisingly, social media users quickly jumped on Twitter to hit back against the father over his "twisted" feelings towards his son.

"His kid will always have in the back of his mind that his dad regrets having a child and I can't imagine how that would feel," one dad wrote.

"You don't have to love being a parent - but you also don't have to inflict that kind of pain," another noted.

"I didn't care for kids before I had mine, but as a dad-of-one, I can unequivocally say he's my entire life and I could not imagine things without him," a dad said.

Another father, who was told two months ago he only has five years to live, then joined the conversation to offer a little perspective.

"Every day is precious with my kids," he said.


"So this upset me. I feel so bad for this man's son."

Another Twitter user said he felt ill reading the man's comments, given how many others would love to be able to have a child of their own.

"This was sickening to read, my wife and I just got certified to foster-adopt.

"If he doesn't want his kid, I know people who would."

But McRoberts wasn't keen to back down, attempting to defend himself against the influx of hate.

"I love my kid and he knows he's loved," he said.

"I spend hours with him every day playing, going to parks, watching shows... but all things considered, being childless would be simpler."

He then went on to encourage other parents who feel the same way to also speak up, but then later deleted these tweets himself.

A few parents jumped on the bandwagon with one noting: "It's a completely acceptable truth."

Another added: "If more parents spoke out about their regrets, people on the fence would choose wisely so not to have kids they also ended up regretting."

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