A church sign in Victoria branding people who believe in evolution as "gullible" has caused outrage online.

The sign outside of the Wesburn Baptist Church was recently shared to Reddit and people weren't happy about the message it displayed.

"Evolution – A fairytale to explain to gullible people how the world got here," the sign read.

People were quick to share their own opinions on the sign.


"People who understand evolution don't make signs like this. It's one of the few theories with the advantage that understanding the premise makes the conclusion pretty much obvious," one person wrote.

One added: "This is the most backwards shit I've seen in a while."

Photo / Reddit
Photo / Reddit

Other people called the sign "ironic", with one person claiming it was likely just a joke.

Another person pointed out that there are plenty of people that don't believe in evolution just because they don't understand what it means.

"Sadly the "it's just a theory" types are everywhere. They don't even have to be religious," they wrote.

"I don't see much point correcting people about what "theory" means in a scientific context because they just won't listen anyway, but it's amazing what some people believe and you have no idea."