Emily O'Connor made headlines when she was almost thrown off a Thomas Cook flight for boarding the plane wearing a crop top.

Sharing her ordeal on Twitter, 21-year-old O'Connor, from Birmingham, has since appeared on UK TV show This Morning to defend her outfit, which she also wore on the show.

On the flight bound for Tenerife, O'Connor was told to either "cover up" her black crop top - worn with high-waisted orange pants - "or leave". While she received an apology from the airline, viewers and a social commentator on the show have disagreed with the young woman's choice of attire.

British social commentator Liz Brewer agreed with the airline's initial stance and told O'Connor she had "demeaned herself" for wearing a "bra".


And viewers of the show took to social media to agree that O'Connor, a trainee accountant, should have "covered up".

But The Daily Mail reports O'Connor says she has received support via a poll she put online about her outfit. She claims 85 per cent of the 47,000 respondents agree the airline was wrong to question her clothing choice.

Telling presenters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield she was happy with the apology, she shared that the reason she wasn't wearing a jacket was simply because it was hot. And she added: "There was a man wearing a vest and shorts a few rows back and no-one was saying anything to him about his clothes.

"It's the principle", she said.