A mum has asked for advice after her best friend became upset when she banned her from visiting her toddler due to the woman's child being unvaccinated.

She asked Reddit users if she was an "a**hole" for telling her friend their children couldn't meet after she bought a non-refundable plane ticket to come and see them.

"My best friend and I have toddlers. My toddler is a healthy vaccinated child. My best friend's toddler is so far healthy but unvaccinated," she wrote.

"We both live in dif states and she had bought a ticket to visit. Panic set in and I asked her not to come."


She said that her friend decided not to vaccinate her child after her sister had a vaccination scare.

Even though her own daughter is vaccinated she was worried her friend's child could still get her sick.

"She says since my child is vaccinated I should have nothing to fear and I am being ridiculous," the post read.

"The ticket isn't refundable and she is furious."

People quickly jumped to the mum's defence, saying that she has every right to look out for her child's wellbeing.

"Vaccines aren't always 100% effective. Some times you can still get sick," one person wrote.

"Keep your child safe. And see if you can make your friend understand science … though odds are slim," another said.

However some people claimed she should have never allowed her to book the ticket in the first place seeing as she already knew her stance on vaccines.


"You are an a**hole. You knew this kid wasn't vaccinated, let your friend book a flight to see you and now refuse to see them, over something you have always known," one person wrote.