A thoughtful girlfriend that gifted her boyfriend 365 pairs of socks has been left in shock after discovering the "lazy" bloke didn't wash any of them for an entire year.

The Chinese pair moved into the man's apartment together after getting married, only for the woman to discover piles of dirty socks that her new husband wore over the course of the year.

After gathering up the piles of white socks, the task of washing began. It took her two entire days and left the couple's balcony completely covered in hanging socks.

As horrified as you might be for the woman, it's alleged she was aware of her then boyfriend's laziness when it came to doing laundry, which is why she'd given him the special gift.


"Last year, I gave my boyfriend 365 pairs of socks on his birthday. This year, my boyfriend is now my husband, and I've just spent two days washing the socks he wore all year," the woman posted on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo.

The woman posted the 11-second video online and in a short amount of time it went viral, gaining 13 million views.

Some Weibo users were quick to praise the woman and her tolerance for her husband's bad laundry etiquette.

"This is the definition of true love!" one comment read.

"So did your house stink? I can't imagine what 365 pairs of stinky socks would smell like," another said.

"Well, at least he knew to wear a clean pair of socks every day," one glass-half-full person said.

However, not everyone was impressed. One person commented what the majority of us are likely thinking: "Please do your own laundry! You're a grown man."