A father from Norway made his son's day when he dressed up like Elsa from the movie Frozen.

With the caption "Mum is gone, no stress", the man uploaded the video to his Facebook of both him and his son dressed as the popular character while they paraded around their living room to Let It Go.

The video of the epic dance has gone viral since it was posted two days ago, attracting more than 690,000 likes and nearly 1 million shares, news.com.au reports.

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mom is gone, no stress💞 #Dad&Son

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Many commended the dad, Orjan Buroe, for "slaying" and being a great role model to his son Dexter.


"Came for the comments, stayed for all the love and support," one person wrote.

"Your boy is gonna have a great life with you as his role model. If I had a father like you, I may not have lived the first 27 years of my life in the closet. You are an example of how this should be dealt with. I wish you all a wonderful, and amazing life," another said.

A woman said that at first she thought it was a dad with his daughter.

"Then I realised it was his son and thought 'hell yeah mate, even better'. Allowing your child to explore and dress up in whatever is fantastic. What an amazing parent you are."

Naturally, among the many positive comments were some opposed to his actions, with one man saying the comedian was not "masculine" for dressing up as a female — but many came to his defence.

"I would think that a father fully engaging with his child to the point of dressing up as a favourite female character and dancing with his child because it makes them happy is one of the best examples of masculinity I've ever seen; he's too busy being dad to worry how he looks to anyone besides his kid."

Another said: "THIS is what healthy masculinity looks like."

A father and son dressed up as Elsa from Frozen, dancing around their living room, has gone viral. Photo / Facebook
A father and son dressed up as Elsa from Frozen, dancing around their living room, has gone viral. Photo / Facebook

One person said she was relieved to find there weren't "a thousand horrible comments about two guys wearing a dress. Maybe we are headed to a more loving world".


Hilariously, one woman said she showed the video to her five-year-old daughter and the only thing she had questioned was why the dad wasn't wearing a crown too.

Mr Buroe, who has more than 141,000 Instagram followers, said like most kids, his four-year-old son loves Frozen.

"He's just the biggest fan of Elsa at the moment," Mr Buroe told CBS News. "I thought maybe I should try to see it through his eyes."

The dad then bought two Frozen costumes on eBay so he and his son could play dress-up.

He filmed their dance in the hopes the video teaches a valuable lesson.

"It's important to embarrass yourself and let it go," he told the publication.


Mr Buroe said is son is drawn to Frozen because Elsa is a strong character and kids don't judge by gender. "Just like kids don't see colour of skin," the dad said. "He just sees something that's great. For him, Elsa is a superhero."

Mr Buroe agreed with a lot of the comments that continue to flood the post, saying: "It's important to teach children that you can do whatever you want to."

The post has gone on to inspire American journalist and author Katie Couric, who following from Mr Buroe's video, will be introducing a new feature to her Instagram called #thegoodguys.

She said it will "highlight boys and men who are living examples of what a good guy looks like in today's society".

"Tell me about some of the good guys in your life in the comments below and maybe we'll pick one!" she wrote in a caption alongside Mr Buroe and his son's video.

"You boys look good in blue! Let it goooo, let it gooooo! PS my favourite part is when Dexter makes his dad pause so he can show him how it's done!"