It's the seasons when avocados are going cheap, it's hard to resist filling your cart and returning home with a surplus of the green fruit.

But unfortunately, in this hot summer heat, precious avos are prone to turning brown just a day or two after they've been bought.

The secret? An anonymous woman on Facebook has revealed the miraculous solution to keep your open avocado healthy is to rub melted coconut oil over its green flesh.

According to the woman, it's as simple as that, and your avo won't brown for days.


"Brush melted coconut oil over your avocado to keep it sealed," the woman shared in the post, along with a photo of her avocado to show the effectiveness of the trick.

"The little bit of browning was already there before I sealed it" she clarified, in reference to the photo which showed some small speckles of brown.

Now the internet is going wild over this simple but ground-breaking hack, with many praising her initiative.

The science behind it?

The enzyme which turns avocados brown oxidises when coming into contact with the air, triggering it to change colour.

Coconut oil acts as a barrier and blocks this process allowing the avo to retain its delightful shade of green for longer.

No coconut oil? No worries, some other ingredients that can be used for a similar effect are lemon or lime juice.

Alternatively, if you have the opposite worry and are desperate for your avos to ripen, try putting them in a brown paper bag with some apples or ripe bananas.


The fruits release a gas which helps the avos ripen faster than if they were on their own.