A bedding company in the UK has released an anti-snore pillow that is getting glowing reviews online.

The Silentnight pillow, which retails for around NZ$22, is designed to position the head at an angle that encourages breathing and reduces snoring.

The pillow is selling out fast in the UK. It is currently unavailable on the Asda website, where customer reviews hint at the product saving marriages all over the country.

"Hubby has stopped snoring, so it is a five star from me," someone wrote.


"At last a product that stops my hubby's snoring. Great quality at an excellent price. Actually does what it says," someone else said.

"The wife was threatening to expel me from the matrimonial bed because of my snoring and other remedies had not worked," a former snorer said on the Asda website. "Since using it there have been no complaints from senior management and I'm still in bed! A result! Now how do I tell the wife she snores and could use one?"

According to Silentnight, the hypoallergenic pillow is "ergonomically designed" to encourage a peaceful night's sleep.

"Now you can sleep on your back without snoring," the product description says. "The pillow gently supports and positions the head and neck to encourage better body alignment and snore-free sleep. It features a shaped foam core and has a firmness rating of 5."