Five devotees to a vegan diet talk about how it's changed their lives.

Chicken made from pea protein. Soy "steak" burgers. A long flat white with almond, hazelnut or soy milk. Wake up and smell the soybeans, people, veganism has well and truly gone mainstream.

True vegans avoid all animal products – that's meat and dairy but also things like leather and silk - for animal ethics reasons. Even banknotes are an issue for some because they're made with animal tallow.

Some people follow a vegan diet but call it "plant-based" as they're more worried about the environment or their


Mark Craig, 46, GP


Ginny McArthur, 59, nutritionist

Carl Scott, 49, former freezing worker

Leigh Bowie, 30, self-employed dairy farmer

Kelly Kerr, 42, entrepreneur, designer