A couple's plans to start a family have taken an unusual turn thanks to the wife deciding her husband doesn't really fit the bill in the looks department, so she'd like to use a sperm donor instead.

While offensive, the couple had legitimately been considering the idea, according to the woman's husband, 30, who took to Reddit to seek advice.

"When talking about children (we want to start soon), she suggested a sperm donor because then the child will (supposedly) have a better chance at a good life," he shared.

"I was incredibly confused and asked her to explain, to which she explained that if the baby had genes of an incredibly attractive and smart man (tried not to be insulted at that) then he/she would live an easier life and be happier.


"She's not wrong in that more attractive people live life easy, but it's just so hurtful to think that your wife doesn't think you're good enough to have children with."

He shared that, "being objective", his wife, 26, while very intelligent and with a healthy physique, was "not jaw-dropping beautiful".

"She is imperfectly perfect to me but she's only a solid 6/7..." He went on to deduce that perhaps it was partly her "own insecurity" influencing her idea. "... she struggled with not being a beautiful woman in her younger days and said how life is easier to be good looking," he wrote.

Photo / Reddit
Photo / Reddit

While he was already grappling with the low blow from his wife, things got worse for the "unattractive" husband when he learned just who she had in mind to father their child: A "handsome" doctor she had been cheating on her husband with for the past three years.

Returning to Reddit, he shared that he'd woken his wife up at 4am and the pair ended up having a two hour debate about using a donor. Their conversation ended in tears.

When he asked if she had a donor in mind he said she "kept mentioning her colleague/our friend which I didn't think much of at first."

He posted that it "turns out she's been cheating on me with him (a married man who has been to our house multiple times for dinner, whose f*****g hands I shaked) (sic) and realized she wanted her kids to be like him (a handsome doctor)."

Photo / Reddit
Photo / Reddit

While in his first post he'd noted divorce wasn't an option, he later shared he would "destroy her in court".

A final update revealed his wife was not pregnant and that he had been in touch with the wife of the cheating man involved. He offered the woman free representation by his law firm.

Not surprisingly, many Reddit users found the story hard to believe in its entirety. One user commented: "Every time I think I've seen everything, Reddit comes up with something new."