The daughter of Richie and Gemma McCaw will inevitably show skill in sports, says a parenting expert.

But whether or not the baby girl goes onto to a professional sporting career will be down to what the parents choose to focus on for their daughter, said David Atkinson, the creative director of support group Parenting Place.

The McCaws announced the arrival of their first child Charlotte last night.

Gemma McCaw, a former Black Stick and wife of the retired All Blacks captain Richie, posted a message on Facebook to make the announcement.


"We are excited to announce the arrival of our daughter, Charlotte Rose McCaw," she posted.

"Thank you for the love and blessings we have received, our hearts are so full."

The message is accompanied by a photo of the baby clutching at her mother's thumb, while Richie's hand cradles both of theirs.

Atkinson said the McCaws' focus on sport and career will become tempered by the love of their child and the desire to grow a great family.

He said given the McCaws' high profile there will always be eyes on their daughter - which will pose a significant challenge.

"Ultimately children are supposed to be an expression of ourselves and need to be given the space to grow into who they uniquely are."

Atkinson said there is no doubt that nature plays a significant part in people's natural abilities, but what people choose to put their time towards and focus on is often what people succeed in.

When Gemma McCaw was pregnant, the son of a famous All Black revealed the expectation - and pressure that can come with having high achieving sporting parents.

Former Blues and All Black Jeremy Stanley.
Former Blues and All Black Jeremy Stanley.

Jeremy Stanley, who played three games for the All Blacks in a career hit by injury, said: "You definitely feel the pressure.


"That pressure of the expectation you think other people have of you is always there."

Stanley, who also won national honours in softball with the Black Sox, married former Silver Ferns captain Anna Stanley. The couple have three children of their own.

Stanley, who trained as an orthopaedic surgeon, said he was not sure how much pressure their children felt as was yet to sit down and talk to them about it.

"I think it is tougher on my daughter because she plays netball and Anna is their coach," he said.

His two boys play football and Stanley joked they were safe from any pressure on that front because "he's got nothing to offer" in terms of advice on the sport.

"I just sit on the sideline and keep quiet," he said.

Gemma and hubby Richie announced their pregnancy back in July.

In the same social media style, she posted a photo of a tiny pair of adidas running shoes between a men's and women's pair saying: "Rich and I are very excited to announce that we are expecting our first baby later this year."

Gemma, a former Black Sticks star, and Richie were married in January 2017 and the child is their first.

Richie's father, Donald McCaw, told the Herald they were thrilled at the birth of their new granddaughter. He said they had met her earlier in the week.

The announcement received hundreds of likes and dozens of comments within minutes of being posted.