A woman has opened up about the moment she found out the truth about her husband's porn addiction.

Liz told Australian website Kidspot that she initially suspected her husband was having an affair. It turned out to be a lot worse.

After 15 years of marriage to Jason, she said "something was a bit off".

"He could be a little secretive which led me to suspect he was having an affair, but I never found any solid evidence," she told the site.


"Also we had a healthy sex life, he regularly told me he loved me and, although we fought from time to time, things were generally okay between us."

One day, while Liz was rushing out to take her boys to soccer when her husband announced he could not join them for the game because he had a conference call.

This wasn't out of the ordinary as his job often demanded him to work long hours and weekends, in calls with office branches overseas.

When Liz and the boys got to the car, she says she realises they'd forgotten their shin pads so went back into the house to get them.

It'd only been three minutes since they'd all left the house and said goodbye to Jason. That was enough.

"We had a room I call the 'movie room' and we'd use it, as a family, to watch movies. If there was a big sports match on, Jason would call it his 'man cave'," she recalled.

"I called out to let Jason know I'd forgotten the shin pads, but I didn't get an answer. I thought maybe he was on his conference call already."

With the door partially open, Liz could see the TV screen on and what was shown on it shocked her to her core.

"Let's just say it involved incredibly young girls dressed in school uniforms.

"He was sitting on the sofa, totally naked. I screamed and called him a disgusting pig.

"So that was how I discovered his porn addiction."

Liz somehow managed to drive her boys to soccer but the rest of the day, she admitted, "is a blur".

"That night, Jason moved out and when he phoned to tell me he's at his parent's house, he confessed that he watches several hours of porn a day and he promised he'd get help."

However, it didn't take long for Jason to be caught in the "movie room" again.

"That was it for me. I realised I had to leave. I couldn't leave him alone with our kids – what if they saw this filth?

"And, trust me, what I saw was incredibly filthy. Later I found a file with a catalogue of his viewing. I was able to later use this evidence in our divorce as I was determined to keep our house.

"Not long after we split up, he got himself a new girlfriend. I wonder if she knows about his addiction? Or maybe she doesn't care."