A billboard that has been set up in Queensland is drawing a lot of attention, with the state's police chief calling for the "abhorrent" ad to be taken down.

The huge advertisement for Gunworld Australia was put up in Logan (an area south of Brisbane) and has caused controversy by suggesting that people should give each other guns for Christmas.

It shows a hand gun wrapped up in Christmas paper, alongside a picture of Australia on a target board, with the words: "What's under your tree this year?"

While the sign is not illegal, it has still drawn ire from Police Commissioner Ian Stewart.


"The message that sends to me and to most people in the community would be quite abhorrent and against everything that's really good about Australia," he told ABC radio.

"I would like to see the billboard taken down."

Many people agreed with him, calling the ad "disgraceful".

"It's disgraceful! Last year there was a similar one up there! Terrible and should not be allowed," one social media user said.

"Take it down. We are not America and we have strict gun laws," another wrote.

But others didn't see a problem with it, pointing out it was still legal to own a gun.

"What's the problem? You can legally own a gun in Australia remember," one person said.

Another added: "It's a business trying to boost sales over Christmas. Who cares."