A two-minute noodle enthusiast has caused chaos online after she showed off a questionable kitchen creation this week.

The British woman, who goes by the username uOKhun, posted a photograph to Reddit on Sunday, revealing the limp contents of a cup of instant noodles, spread across a slice of buttered bread.

This, it appears, was the makings of a noodle sanga.

uOKhun claimed she created the world-first dish by setting aside the piping hot soup and dumping the "pot noodle" on to the softest, whitest piece of bread she could get her mitts on.


The discarded noodle bath water then served as a sort of side dish/dessert for uOKhun, as she allegedly prefers to "drink the juice afterwards".

In the UK, instant noodles are known as "pot noodle", after the popular grocery store brand.

According to uOKhun, her noodle sandwich is "the only way" pot noodle should ever be consumed.

According to the internet, uOKhun is an absolute "animal".

Guaranteed to anger. Photo / Reddit
Guaranteed to anger. Photo / Reddit

Naturally, what followed was a virtual stampede of noodle-related commentary, with most users slamming the woman for her "horrendous behaviour".

Many people expressed their outrage at uOKhun's soggy sanga situation, instructing her to "go to hell" and asking "who hurt you?".

"I hate you and everything you stand for," MechMonk2 said.

Another user, Blythyvxr remarked: "I don't know was offends me the most. The abomination in (and) of itself, leaving the sweet corn in, the sh*t bread used, or that you buttered the bread."


Others asked Reddit's moderators to ban the woman from the forum and also "from life".

Strong words.

One Reddit user even threatened to call the police and report the vile act.

The user, DizzyCollection, wrote, "This post right here Officer" under the offending image.

Some, more liberal-minded snackers added their instant noodle suggestions to the thread, much to the delight of the noodle sanga mastermind herself.

KingKaiserChef suggested that the best way to eat a pot noodle was "by using Pringles as spoons".

She bloody loved that idea.

Another user, Old-Blighty, recommended she graduate to "pouring them over … Mini Microwavable Pepperoni Pizzas" next.

uOKhun was clearly rendered brain dead for the second time that day, claiming her mind was "blown again" before vowing to shove that in her gob ASAP.

In uOKhun's defence, at least she's getting her serving of chicken and mushrooms for the day.