Public salad bars are not everyone's cup of tea.

Nobody knows exactly how long the food's been sitting there, but they've gained a cult fanbase due to the fact that they're usually decent cheap food option.

But a stunning video, which has gone viral overnight, is bound to shake even the most hardcore salad bar fan to the core.

It shows an unidentified Chicago man taking a sip of soup from a ladle, that everyone else has to use.


"Something to think about the next time you eat at the salad bar," the original poster wrote.

The heinous act has now been viewed more than a million times and freaked out social media users have dubbed it "the grossest thing of all time".

"Can this man be identified and publicly noticed and barred from all restaurants?" asked one commenter on Twitter. "This needs to be immediate."

"Just crossed soup off my shopping list," added another.

Although many were grossed out about the man's lack of "hot food bar etiquette", the original uploader did state that they reported the man to security afterwards.