Whatever you may think of the royal couple currently touring our slice of paradise, you can't argue with their popularity.

The biggest surprise was Australia, known for its ardent desire to become a republic - they inexplicably went absolutely bananas for them. I mean you expect that kind of enthusiastic hospitality in the Pacific Islands, but not necessarily from the fair dinkum cynical Aussies. The love-fest was reciprocated too.

The Duke and Duchess apparently told dignitaries before they left that they'd loved the place and the people, and couldn't wait to return.


I'm not sure whether the tour has been more a fashion show, or a bump watch, or a gawk at huggy Harry, but however you could describe it, the palace will be pleased the new young blood are making the monarchy popular.

From the fuss and frisson over Wills and Kate, to the delighted fans pouring out to see Harry and Meghan, it's a world away from the stiff upper lip of stuffy Prince Charles, and seemingly disinterested Camilla.

I say disinterested because I still remember that image of her earlier this year at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, poring over her show programme looking decidedly bored.

But then you could argue they just can't catch a break, whereas the young royals seemingly can't put a foot a wrong.

The new Duchess has the perfect background for public life: a career in acting has taught her how to work to a script, a tight schedule, to look the part at all times, and to be a faultless clothes horse.

The baggage of her deranged step-family who keep lobbing grenades from the sidelines via the tabloids, haven't landed a single blow to her popularity, it would seem.

I'm no big fan of Meghan Markle, but even I think the half-sister and the Dad are way off base and have been nothing but awful.

She has handled them the best way possible - radio silence. The classic PR gold standard advice of not engaging the enemy.


They seem genuinely a happy couple, he seems infatuated with her, and will no doubt be impressed at how she's conducted herself on this tour – which is an exhausting schedule, even if you weren't pregnant. She's managed to nail her speaking engagements, starting last night's speech at Govt House on women's suffrage and feminism in Te Reo, to thunderous applause.

So as they hit our shores to win over more hearts and are already putting NZ fashion on the world stage, be prepared for the saturation coverage.

Because no matter what your views, the new royals are coming in hot.