A New Jersey man has eaten pizza every day for the last four decades and the only other meal he'll enjoy is peanut butter sandwiches.

Mike Roman, 41, From Hackensack is such a fan of the Italian-inspired meal that he's chomped on the doughy stuff consistently since he was a child.

The man has pretty much been eating peanut butter sandwiches for lunch every day since he was in grade school and has switched between enjoying pizza for his mid-day meal when he felt like varying his food. But he will always make pizza his final meal of the day.

He admitted in a New Theory Podcast hosted by Tom La Vecchi that despite sometimes toasting his bread or swapping bread for crackers, he regularly returned to munching pizza for most of his meals throughout his life.


The man even confessed he had to incorporate it into his dating life and told his potential girlfriends the deal in advance to let them know their choice of restaurant is limited, the Daily Mail reports.

"Look if we go anywhere it has to have pizza. It doesn't have to be a pizza spot," he explained.

When asked if he's ever been asked to go to a sushi restaurant or take a bite of parmigiana, Roman said he'd never been faced with the problem with a love interest.

He added that even on his wedding a year ago night he devoured pizza. For his honeymoon in Aruba he did not deviate.

In New York City his favorite pies are from John's and Grimaldi's but his favourite kind comes with no toppings.

"Plain pizza, regular, thin crust, Margarita... anything that resembles regular pizza," he said.

The pizza obsessive believes pizza in his home state New Jersey is just as good as in NYC.

When questioned about whether he would still eat one with pepperoni on, simply removing the slices to enjoy it, he said he wouldn't.


"Pizza's got the four different food groups and I think peanut butter covers the fourth spot," he joked.

His cholesterol has peaked over the years but he said it recently came back down and otherwise his health has been fine. He also reassured the host his bowel movements were "fine to me".

"Dinner to me is nothing that special. You gotta eat because you're hungry," he explained.

He added that he's been the same way with his tastes in music and television shows.

One thing he would choose over pizza though, is sex.