Prince Philip will decide on the morning of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's wedding whether he goes or not, Palace insiders have revealed.

And there could be another snub for the bride and groom-to-be, as Prince Harry and Meghan may be forced to miss the evening reception at the Royal Lodge in Windsor on Saturday night, due to their trip to Australia.

An insider has suggested the Duke of Edinburgh - who is said to have a long-standing feud with Sarah Ferguson - will "see how he feels" ahead of the ceremony at St George's Chapel in Windsor.

According to the Daily Mail, it comes after it emerged earlier this week that the Duchess of Cornwall will not be attending the wedding due to prior commitments.


Commenting on whether Philip will attend the wedding, a source told the Telegraph: "The Duke of Edinburgh may not go to the wedding, just as he and the Queen did not attend Prince Louis christening in July.

"There's not a three line whip on these family occasions. Not unreasonably, when you consider his age, the Duke of Edinburgh will decide on the morning of the wedding if he's going to be there.

"He now very much operates on a 'wake up and see how I feel' basis."

Prince Philip is said to be making a call on the day. Photo / Getty Images
Prince Philip is said to be making a call on the day. Photo / Getty Images

It comes after speculation that Philip, who did attend Harry and Meghan's wedding at May, is prepared to put aside his feud with Fergie to attend granddaughter Eugenie's wedding and pose in official photographs with Prince Andrew's ex-wife.

It is understood that Philip has avoided Fergie since photographs of her sunbathing topless were published in the media in 1992.

Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry may be forced to miss Eugenie and Jack's reception at the Royal Lodge on Saturday, as they prepare to fly to Australia for their first major overseas tour.

The couple are due to land in Sydney on Monday, which would mean they are likely to catch a Saturday night or Sunday morning flight.

However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expected to attend the ceremony on Friday at St George's Chapel, where they tied the knot in May.


MailOnline has contacted Palace representatives for comment.