A mother was left outraged after her ex-boyfriend had their nine-week-old daughter's ears pierced against her wishes.

Posting on NetMums, the woman revealed her infant daughter was returned home with two tiny earrings following an overnight stay at her father's.

She admitted she was 'rather upset' with her ex-boyfriend and feared her daughter's ears might now be infected.

Dozens of horrified parents replied in agreement with the mother - with one even going so far as to describe the move as 'child abuse', the MailOnline reported.


Writing on the parenting forum the woman said she had explicitly told her daughter's father that she did not think babies should have their ears pierced.

"I expressed this to my ex a few weeks ago when he said she would look cute with her ears pierced," she posted.

"I said that I didn't think piercings were for baby's and that she can have them pierced when she is old enough to ask me."

After the overnight stay the ex-boyfriend brought their daughter back to her mother's home.

The mother continued: "She was full on screaming like I had never heard before! I got her immediately and gave her a cuddle, when taking her hat off I realised what was bothering her! He had taken her to have her ears pierced god knows where!"

She claimed her daughter's ears were still 'flaming hot' and that they appeared too sensitive for the earrings to be removed.

The post was met with an outcry by other parents, with one posting: "I think it's child abuse, and a poor reflection on his parenting."

Another agreed: "Poor little munchkin, can't stand the thought of a baby being put through pain like that. He's totally irresponsible."


Several implored the woman not to allow him another overnight stay until he apologised for his actions.

There were a handful of dissenting voices, with women who themselves had their ears pierced as babies chiming in to reassure the mother.

One wrote: "I don't remember getting my ears pierced at all, my mum took me and my sisters together.

"My sisters were 5 and 3 and I was around 6 months. I do know that I apparently didn't cry at all, but they also didn't swell like you have described."