Social media users are baffled after a swimsuit priced at $567 NZD sold out despite buyers being advised against wearing the item in a pool.

In a description on the website for Selfridges department store that stocks the "Sparkling swimsuit with a Gucci logo" in the UK, the designer brand admits low down on the e-commerce page that wearers shouldn't take a dip in the bathing suit.

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Instead they should think of the item as more of tight top free of seam lines around the waist.


The Italian brand's advisory has gotten social media users riled up with some using the opportunity to make jokes.

EggOnYourFaceBook tweeted: "I guess this is how 'shallow' people have become."

Tolulope was disappointed in fans of the brand for purchasing the swimwear: "Gucci is straight wild'n with this bulls**t ya can't tell me they Not. Look at the description ..'to get the best from this item we advise that you do not wear to swim' BUT it's a swim suit ... and it's sold out .. y'all dumb buying this for clout."

Earlier this month social media influencer and comedian White Yardie made light of the situation in a video where he said the brand is taking advantage of people after he saw the price quoted as $490.

"That's supposed to make you swim under water without holding your breath," he said in a video rant.

"$490 you're supposed swim in it beat every swimmer in the world. You're supposed to be the Olympic champion of the world (sic).

"Not even sharks are supposed to bite you in that. That's supposed to shark-proof. Sharks are supposed to see you and be scared of you.

"That better teach me to swim I can't swim. If you cannot swim and buy that, that's supposed to help you to swim."