A bride-to-be has issued a fuming rant to her friends on Facebook, after they refused to cough up $4500 for her destination wedding.

The anonymous woman, who is thought to be based in the US, had her post shared on Reddit, where it quickly went viral, reports the Daily Mail.

The woman - who was labelled a "bridezilla" by the person sharing her post online - began her rant by lamenting the fact that her friends were unwilling to pay $4500 to attend her destination wedding in Thailand.

"At the risk of sounding entitled... I have to vent today," she wrote.


"When we invited our friends and family to our destination wedding in Thailand, only nine people RSVPs [sic]. Out of 150!!!

"Ok, I get it, paying $3k ($4.5K NZD) to share my special day is too much for some for you, I'd pay for yours, but whatever," she continued.

The bride then added that - in order to enable more of their friends to attend the wedding - she and her husband, known only as "D", chose to change the location to Hawaii, which is closer to the US and therefore costs slightly less than a trip to Thailand.

Much to her horror and outrage, however, reducing the cost of the trip by $1500 still did little to entice guests - and actually saw two people drop off the list of positive RSVPs.

"When we changed the wedding to be in Hawaii, so it's within everyone's reach, only 7 of your RSVPd???" she ranted.

"It costs less but less of you wanna come? Is that what you think of [D] and me? You can't spare $3k to come share our happiness?"

The angry bride-to-be finished off her post by threatening to cancel her public wedding altogether, and instead elope privately with her husband-to-be, preventing anyone from "being a part of our happiest day".

"This is it guys, you have three days to respond to our evites or we're deleting you off FB and good luck keeping up with our lives then," she warned, before quickly going on to make a snide comment about the gifts that had been purchased from their registry.

"And don't get me started on the registry... Only the cheap stuff is gone, I swear I thought I had better friends," she wrote.

"D and I are asking you to reconsider," the post concluded.

The outpouring quickly picked up a following on Reddit, where thousands of people shared their opinions on the soon-to-be bride.

"At the risk or sounding entitled, your friendship is only worth the amount of money you will spend on me," one person posted.

"11 likes on the post, no other emotes. That speaks volumes about her circle of friends," another commenter added.

Further people wrote: "Dude needs to run away. This is headed toward a train wreck. No woman is that hot".

This isn't the first time a bride has gone viral for outrageous requests.

Last month, "Canadian Susan" revealed she was forced to cancel her extravagant "fairytale" wedding after her guests refused to pay $CAD 1,500 ($1,750 NZD) each to attend.

The Canadian bride was due to tie the knot with her childhood sweetheart in a lavish $CAD 60,000 ($70,000) wedding.

But the couple decided to call off the ceremony just four days before exchanging their vows after they struggled to foot the bill.

Taking to Facebook to explain their decision, the furious mother-of-one blamed her family and friends for the breakdown of her relationship as she vented her frustration in a lengthy post.