Ivanka Trump has come under fire on social media after airing her support of women's rights in Afghanistan.

The first daughter, 36, shared a video of herself on Twitter and Instagram on Thursday after addressing a conference about women's empowerment in Afghanistan, which was held on Wednesday in Astana, Kazakhstan.

"Supporting women is fundamental to the future direction of Afghanistan," Ivanka wrote on social media. "Together, we have the opportunity to help Afghan women as they strive to realize their dreams of a peaceful and prosperous future in their country and beyond!"

In the video, Ivanka faces the camera and gives a short address regarding women's rights and their significance, smiling in direction of the lens, reported the Daily Mail.


"We know that countries do better when women are able to participate fully in our societies. Afghan women leaders long fought for basic health, economic and political rights, against the obstacles of poverty, injustice, and violence," she says.

"Supporting women's empowerment is therefore fundamental to the future direction of Afghanistan. The status and disposition of women will determine whether or not Afghanistan will be a civilised member of the community of nations or dissolve back into a repressive and brutal society like that which we saw during the Taliban rule.

"Our cooperation with Afghanistan aims to raise the voices of Afghan women as they seek a full role in the life of their nation.

"Afghan women possess the skills and boundless potential to establish a foundation for peace."

While Ivanka has billed herself as a champion of women's rights, many thought her promotion of women's empowerment in Afghanistan was "tone-deaf" in light of some of the moves made by Donald Trump's administration, of which Ivanka, as a senior White House adviser, is a member.

"How did they even find the tone deaf person who writes your tweets for you?" one person asked in reply to Ivanka's tweet.

Someone else wrote: "Girl. You should just go into hiding now and save yourself the embarrassment. You're the last person anyone wants to hear from right now."

One person brought up the ongoing confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's Supreme Court pick.


"How about supporting American women's rights over their own bodies by objecting to the appointment of Bert Kavanaugh? [sic]" that Twitter user wrote.

During his decade as a judge, Kavanaugh, now 53, has not ruled directly on abortion but has signalled sympathy for legal arguments made by anti-abortion advocates.

Last October, he was on a panel of judges that issued an order preventing a 17-year-old illegal immigrant detained in Texas by US authorities from immediately obtaining an abortion. That decision was overturned by the full appeals court and she had the abortion.

In a 2017 speech, Kavanaugh praised several opinions written by former Chief Justice William Rehnquist, including his dissent in Roe v Wade.

Another person referred to the Trump administration's policy of splitting families at the border between the US and Mexico, which resulted in more than 2600 children being separated from their parents or caregivers earlier this year.

"Why don't you put your energy and voice in putting the families back together that daddy tore apart?" someone wrote on Twitter, adding: "You are such a hypocrite and your days are numbered... start packing and looking for another job, hopefully in another country."

As of last week, 497 children remained separated from their families and 2157 had been reunited with them or released, according to the Washington Post.

Someone brought up the at least 16 women who have accused President Trump of sexual harassment.

"How about you empower your dad's accusers? #metoo right?" that person wrote.

That Twitter user shared a screenshot of Scarlett in the sketch, which was a spoof of a fragrance commercial, along with the words: "Bye Ivanka."