A vegan woman has copped backlash after calling a waitress "oblivious" on Facebook for serving her dairy-free milk in a cow-themed glass.

Jane Thurnell-Read ordered a coffee at a cafe in Topsham, England and asked for a oat milk instead of regular. She was surprised to receive it in a jug in the shape of udders.

"Having coffee with a friend, my oat milk came in this jug! Waitress oblivious," she wrote on social media.

But not everyone was impressed with the post, with one person claiming it was things like this that make people not like vegans.


"Kicking off about sh*t like this is why people hate us," one person wrote.

"Chill it's just a jug at least they had oat milk," another said.

One person added: "The waitress probably has better things to worry about than whether your milk jug looks like boobs, like waiting all the tables … the kitchen hurrying her … getting everyone's drinks … working 11 hour shifts … having to deal with complaints and never getting a tip.

"I am a coeliac and vegan …. have been waitressing for 10 years or so and never known anyone to be a d*ck."

The post kicked off a massive debate about whether the jug was insensitive or not, but Jane later claimed she wasn't "outraged" by the cup, just amused.

"I don't think they were taking the piss (do people really have the time to specially buy a milk jug to upset vegans?). Maybe it will make someone who gets their cow's milk in it think about the origins of it."

Jane has since deleted the negative comments and changed the caption on the post to read: "Coffee in Topsham and this was the jug I got my oat milk in!"