We've all been sucked into buying something weird that totally seemed like a great idea at the time: remember that Ab Rocker Guthy Renker sold you on an infomercial back in the 90s?

While most of us have learned from those failed attempts at living our best life with the aid of an odd contraption, Laura McGoldrick recently succumbed to an as-seen-on-TV promise.

The Hits host today revealed one of the most embarrassing items she's ordered online after seeing the Kardashians use it: the "FasciaBlaster". Sounds a bit like a 90s exercise machine, doesn't it?

The device claims to eliminate cellulite in a few uncomfortable rolls up the leg, as demonstrated by Khloe Kardashian on her sister, Kourtney.


McGoldrick was impressed: "I was like, too right, I'm going to get on to that. Look at it, you just rub it on yourself."

She decided the FaciaBlaster was far easier than her current efforts: "Drinking all this water, needing to go to the toilet all the time. Running. That seems like a waste of time.

"I'm just looking to look thin and young, you know? I don't think it's a crime."

So she did what many of us have done: Hit up Google and, even though the cost to ship it was more than the device itself, bought it.

And she didn't stop there: "I bought another one. I got sucked in," she says of the second FaciaBlaster, for the face, now also in her possession.

While the tool for the face looks like a giant hairbrush, McGoldrick described, in a defeated breath, the one for the body as a "claw, octopus thing I'm supposed to rub on my ass and my thighs."

So just how much did she fork out? $187.

Realising her mistake, she confessed to trying to lie to her husband, cricketer Martin Guptill, when he spied the box in the background as the couple were chatting on FaceTime.


"I told him it was a cricket bat. I thought I'd really gotten away with it."

We've all been there Laura, and we didn't get away with it either.