Claire Dalton thought she'd met the man of her dreams.

Falling in love before soon becoming engaged, she spent a glorious six months with a diamond ring on her finger thinking she'd found the one.

But in the week leading up to her big day with the man she'd built a four year relationship with, Claire found an unforgivable truth about her soon to be husband.

A truth so gut-wrenching, it was like "someone had taken a dagger and fiercely pierced it" into her heart

Claire Dalton broke up with her fiance after catching him watching porn. Photo / Facebook
Claire Dalton broke up with her fiance after catching him watching porn. Photo / Facebook

This truth? Well, the guy liked to watch porn. *Gasp*

Posting online to Facebook group 'Love What Matters', Claire started her 1860 words of heartbreak declaring she was "that girl" who allowed love to blind her from the truth.

"I'm THAT girl that spent 6 months with a ring on her finger," she wrote. "That girl that planned an entire wedding, only to find out a week prior it was all a lie."

Now, it's kind of a given that when you get engaged you know pretty much everything there is to know about the person.

What they like and dislike, what they want to do with their career, family values, favourite food, drink of choice — the list goes on.

But the 21-year-old says she had no idea about her now ex-fiance's secret — which completely went against her idea of love being "true and pure" and "governed by God's law".

A week before their wedding day, Claire discovered wrote of how she stumbled across something shocking on her partner's phone.

Her partner had been looking for porn just hours before she picked up the phone, and had "multiple windows open of sick and twisted ideas of what women supposedly look like".


"I felt sick to my stomach," Claire admitted.

"The coldest thing I've ever witnessed in my entire life is the lying eyes of the man I love, gazing deep into my soul as multiple lies rolled from his lips.

"He knew it was all a lie, but for some reason, he could look at the woman he claimed to love so dearly straight in her eyes, and lie to her face.

"I never knew until that moment how unconsciously cold a single person could be."

Finally, her ex admitted to having a problem with porn and — so surprises — that's when Claire showed him the door.

"I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to kick and punch the wall," she wrote. "But in that moment, I felt paralysed. I had a sudden frightening sensation of someone grasping at my neck as if someone or something was attempting to suffocate me to my death.

"I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. Everything felt lonely. Everything reminded me of him.

Everything made me feel overwhelmingly sick to my stomach. I felt traumatised. I felt worthless. And I felt incredibly afraid."

Following Claire's post, which received thousands of comments from social media users slamming the young woman for dropping her fiance for watching porn, she decided to post to the forum again. But this time, she wanted to explain why it wasn't her job to fix his "addiction".

"In light of the massive upheaval that has arisen since my last series on betrayal trauma — when the world learned I broke up with my fiance after I found out he had been searching for pornography a week prior to our wedding — I feel the need to make a general overall statement.," she wrote.

"I've officially been bashed by the internet for my religion, my personality, my values, my mind, my writing, my experiences, my dreams, and anything else that people could manage to find wrong with me."

Claire wrote about why she broke up with her fiance and was slammed for it.
Claire wrote about why she broke up with her fiance and was slammed for it.

Claire, who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), says her religion brings her great joy and happiness. And while thousands disagreed with her decision to leave her partner — and her views on love — she saw no other solution.

"One thing I want to point out is that true love does not and cannot exist unless it is governed by God's law," Claire wrote.

"This includes chastity, fidelity, loyalty, and honesty. Without those things, true love does not exist.

"Marriage is hard and there's no perfect marriage. But overall, marriage was created to bring more joy and happiness than pain and heartache.

"But to those who think I 'jumped ship,' you're right … I did. Because when someone in an engagement decides to violate God's laws, honesty doesn't exist. And neither does love.

"At that point, because we were not yet married, it was not my job to 'fix him.' It's his job to fix himself."

Addressing the wedding, which 300 people had received an invitation to, Claire said her ex-fiance's porn addiction hadn't just ruined his life — but also the lives of those around him.

"We already had over 300 invitations to our wedding sent out … we had to call every single one of those people and tell them what happened to inform them the wedding was off," she wrote.

"Pornography addiction does not just affect you. Pornography addiction affects the people around you, and it's only so long before the truth is going to come out.

"There are hundreds of statistics on how harmful pornography is on the brain, relationships, and the world.

Claire's post attracted a lot of negative comments about dumping her fiance over watching pornography. Photo / Facebook
Claire's post attracted a lot of negative comments about dumping her fiance over watching pornography. Photo / Facebook

"There is nothing natural or healthy about indulging in pornography. To say that 'all men look at porn' is to say that all men care more about self-gratification and sexual desire than they do about their wives, daughters, sons, and the other people they love in their life."

The post didn't sit well with social media, with many condemning the young woman for her views on love and relationships.

"She doesn't want people judging her but she just judged everyone who doesn't believe in God," one person wrote.

"He saw porn. She cancelled their wedding. One of those is a massive over-reaction.

Hint: not his," another added.

"Despite her Bible thumping, she clearly does not understand how the concept of forgiveness works," one woman questioned.