Cadbury Australia is about to bring out its most unusual flavour combination since someone thought it was a good idea to stuff gooey Vegemite into Dairy Milk bars.

From next Wednesday, August 15, for a very limited time, Aussies will be able to buy Cadbury Dairy Milk filled with potato chips.

The two flavours, released to coincide with the footy finals, are CC's Original corn chips and sea salt Kettle Chips. The company said you can hear the crunch of the crisps when you bite into the bar.

Cadbury marketing manager Kate Watson told the new flavours were "disruptive" and "unexpected" but predicted they would win legions of fans due to their sweet saltiness.


She said Dairy Milk with CC's or Kettle Chips was the most out there flavour since 2015's Cadbury Vegemite marriage. It raised eyebrows but was massively popular with the confectioner selling 1.2 million bars.

At the time Cadbury's US parent Mondelez also owned Vegemite but has since sold the brand to Bega Cheese.

"Vegemite is one of the favourite combinations we've done and this is the next in line of unusual flavour combinations," Ms Watson told

"We know Aussies love chocolate and trying new things so we've brought these disruptive flavours to the market which combine sweet and salty, crunchy and smooth."

"They're amazing, an unexpected sensation. They deliver something completely different — you can actually hear the crunchiness of the chips when you're eating it."

Paul Chatfield, Associate Director Everyday Chocolate at Mondelēz, told the Herald that while there are no immediate plans to launch the flavours in New Zealand, there is still hope.

"While we don't have plans to launch Cadbury Dairy Milk with Kettle Sea Salt and Cadbury Dairy Milk with CC's at this stage, you can never say never! Cadbury delivered the most popular food launches in New Zealand in 2016 and 2017 thanks to Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo Vanilla and Cadbury Caramilk, and we're working hard to continue bringing Kiwis new products we think they'll love."